Jen Daum
Jen Daum

Summer 2004 - Present:
Jen is on an acting hiatus! Please visit:  Hats Off Theatre Company
for more information.

May 2004:
Jen is currently playing STROPHE in "Phaedra's Love" produced by the Lite Theatre Company. She is also taping several shows for "One Life to Live" scheduled to air this summer.

April 2004:
Jen is currently performing in "Audit" produced by Theater et al and is in rehearsals for "Phaedra's Love" opening in May.

March 2004:
Jen is performing in another installment at the Performing Arts SALON. She is also in rehearsals for "Audit," which will open in April.

February 2004:
Jen is currently in production for, "Endings: A Collection of Love Stories Gone Wrong" in Manhattan.

January 2004:
Jen will be playing the role of Blackbird in "Kindlovetalent" at the The Repetti Factory. She has also begun rehearsals for, "Endings: A Collection of Love Stories Gone Wrong" opening next month.

November 2003:
Jen booked a couple days work on "One Life to Live." She will also be performing a new piece in this month's "Performing Arts Salon."

October 2003:
Jen taped a show on the WB that will air in January. She has also been cast in the "Performing Arts Salon" showing later this month.

September 2003:
Congrats to Jen for being cast in an independent film called, "The Sonnet Project." The movie's projected completion date is Spring 2004.

August 2003:
Jen has booked a role as a nurse on ABC's, "One Life to Live." The show will air in October.

June/July 2003:
Jen is working on a film which will premiere at the Spoiler Film Festival in July.

April 2003:
Jen is starring in "Among My Souvenirs" at the Creative Place Theatre in Manhattan.

March 2003:
Stonestreet Studios cast Jen in "The Pack," which will run as a showcase through the end of next month. Film production is tentatively scheduled for the fall.

February 2003:
Jen has been cast in a role on "One Life to Live" airing in April. This opportunity has earned her an invitation to join the Screen Actors Guild.

January 2003:
Jen is currently in pre-production for "Among My Souvenirs." She is also producing "The Rosetta Festival" which opens in April.

November 2002:
Jen is currently in production for the Lite Company's "Chekhov Now Festival."